Thursday, February 28, 2013

State of the Blog Address (2013)

What? I haven't updated this blog in months? FINE! I'll do a post.'re such a nag.

It seems that I must break out of the haze of my life and once again meet with you all for the annual state of the blog address.

I apologize for the prolonged absence. Things have a way of getting out of hand for me, and when they don't I seem to take up the slack and get in my own way.

Looking back on last year's address I can't help but notice that I accomplished 0 of my goals. Not a single one. I mean, I still have yet to finish the Book List for the year. Heck, I still have yet to finish the vastly smaller and easier Movie List.

The end of a year is always a busy time and the holidays always find a way to consume my time. When I wasn't working one of my three jobs, I was trying to deal with the holidays, and when I wasn't doing either of those things I was single-handedly producing a screening of The Iron Giant. And after that...well, after that I just didn't feel like posting anything.

But, regardless, I'm going to try to do better this year!

The key word there is: Try.

Here are some of my goals:

  • I will finish up last year's book and movie lists, although I have quite a backlog to go through so I'm going to be doing much shorter and basic reviews without many quotes. Because otherwise it would just take forever.
  • I plan on doing many more little things, instead of attempting large things which I inevitably fail to complete and then abandon in a rage. So I'm going to try to do little things that I can actually finish. As such the Facebook page will be the best place to go to for more consistent updates. However, I do plan to post the more polished pieces and finished collections onto the blog.
  • I also plan on doing more poems, because poems are one of the few things that I can look back on and not despise utterly.
  • I'm going to try to continue my Book List. Although I've been trying to create more and consume less, so it'll probably be a bit smaller than usual.

Other than those there are a ton of bigger things I have in mind, but we'll see how many of those turn out. I'm going to try to get myself back in the habit of making things and then hopefully I'll be able to start scaling up to bigger and better things.

So there you have it.

Let's make some stuff happen this year, people!