Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Pressure

I certainly have a knack for getting myself onto ledges. Ledges don't scare me; the potential for falling, however, freaks me out. For a person who believes that everything will work out in the end, I sure worry a lot. I suppose if Dead Like Me has taught me anything it is that sometimes you just need to take leaps of faith.

I really need to get more artwork produced for you kind people. But it's just so hard, and my fingers hurt, and...I'm out of excuses. Despite my lack of output I'm still trying. To prove it I have snatched a photo graph from my sketch book.

Still a long way from completion, but it's closer than nothing...right? I wish I had assistants. I could sketch something then just pass it off to them to tighten the lines up and ink it. Maybe if I put a lot of work into it then it will give me enough surplus credit with readers to be off the hook for a while. You three or so people sure demand a lot. At least in my head you do.

Rube: "I'd feel a whole lot better about the jumping if it weren't for the falling."
Bettty: "Falling's easy: you just fall. Jumping requires strength of will.
Rube: "And you don't care where you land?"
Betty: "Landing's a lot like falling: you just land."
-Dead Like Me S1E5

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ana's Birthday...kind of

So today I decided to skip my classes. Take that classes! One class turned out to be canceled today and the other apparently showed the most boring documentary imaginable. Yep...I am pretty happy with how things have turned out today.

In other news today (Jan 27 as of the moment at least) is my friend Ana's birthday. Although I only got it done a few minutes a go I made a birthday comic. Although it isn't for you there are some parts everyone can enjoy..probably. You be the judge!
While I've never seen her do it I am reasonably sure she could hold her own in a raptor fight. She could probably also figure out how to make an N-shape with her body. As this comic illustrates I have no idea.

Either I need to start using a bigger scanner or smaller paper. I'm trying to start inking and coloring my images, because I'd rather be able to do things myself than have to rely on a computer to help. I need more markers. I have a bunch, but I still want more.

Sadly I will probably be up for a long time after I finish writing this. I have a lot of procrastinated work I need to accomplish for classes tomorrow. So that will not be enjoyable. Chances are high I will have to consume nasty tea in order to pull it off. On the plus side I have work tomorrow (actually today now) as well as Go club. Two things that are always fun.

Now let's take a moment to bask in my social awkwardness. I have 2 accounts for you.
1)My roommate told me today that she got an interview with the Jet program. I had to do all I could to try not to go "Duuuuuuh". In doing so I created an appearance of self-centered non-caring. When in truth it just never came into my mind that she wouldn't. Her Japanese is freaky good.

2)While walking out of class and heading to a different class I was lost in my own head and not paying much attention to what I was doing. This led me to get my hallways mixed up and instead of following a girl to the stairway I nearly followed a girl into the bathroom. Once again proving that I am the king of awkwardness. You may bow if you so desire. It takes years of practice to get this good.

I'll try to finish up another picture I've got going and keep the updates coming. But by now you've probably learned to disregard such things and for that I thank you.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm So Ashamed!

Damn...I really need to stop reading comics for awhile. Most notably Tyson Hesse and Jack Sutter. I'm so ashamed now. I need to do some grinding in order to level up. If only there was some tall grass in the area. *Whooosh* <---that's the sound of this all going right over my older reader's heads. To put it simply I need to do some practicing in order to get some art done that doesn't make me want to torch. It is a vicious cycle of me loving a new piece, to me thinking its just ok, to me hating it with a passion and restraining myself from deleting it forever. Anything you see on this site is in that last stage...wait...ok, there are a couple things I still like, but not very many.

I've currently got a large project in the works, but it is a New Years Resolution thing so I'm giving myself the year to get it done and spend enough time on it so it doesn't suck to high heaven. So I should be doing more practicing in order to work up to that. I'll try and work out some sort of schedule where I can make myself get some stuff done.

I was just looking though my collection of pictures to see if there was anything I could use to spice up this post. I came across this one from a year or so ago taken from the menu of some Asian restaurant here in Portland.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Road Tripping In My Old Blue Jeans

I don't feel like drawing a picture at the moment so instead I will show you some pictures from the road trip I took with my friend Max from Minneapolis to Portland.

+Wanting to get the most out of our trip we decided to pull over at this "scenic view" in North Dakota. This just about sums up why few people ever bother to go into North Dakota.

+ I do believe this was in Montana. It isn't fog, it's a cloud. You would get up high enough that you'd go above it and then you'd dip right back down into it. It freaked me out a little so I made Max drive through it. You never know what kind of fearsome things you'll find in clouds.

+ Like this school bus from HELL! You may have to zoom in to tell, but this is a Hellgate Transportation school bus. Needless to say I was beaming with joy when I saw it.

+ The clouds were so dense that we could ignore our parent's warnings and look directly at the sun. It gives you an odd sort of thrill.

+ Here is Max demonstrating why plows are helpful. Driving through waist deep snow would be a little bit challenging...or impossible. I've never tried so I wouldn't know.

+ "Jesse, why on earth do you insist that any camera you buy needs to have manual control?"
Good question, Johnny Q. I love manual settings because this is what automatic settings will get you some times.
+And this is the same scene, but with me in control of the settings. Given more time to fiddle I could have made it even better.

+It's me! In Washington.

+It turns out Washington has a Stonehenge. We were taken aback and quickly pulled a Uuie to go check it out.
"Road tripping in my old blue jeans/in the blue bayou. High up on a jumbo jet/daydreaming of the Midwest. And you know what I love the best, is coming home to you"
'Tell Me How a Man Gets Close To You' -by. Mark Mallman

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Oh writer's block, why do you taunt me so?
Hopefully I'll produce something worthwhile soon. It seems that my nice Winter Break is coming to an end and I'll have to go back to the bothersome entity of school. I really should have been studying and working on my thesis over break, but screw that. Last semester was super stressful so I took this break for what it is: a break. Perhaps I'll have to work extra hard this semester, but who knows.

One semester remains before I actually have to figure out what to do in life. What a bother. I really have no idea.

On the lighter side I'm road-tripping back to school with my friend Max, so I'll try to take some interesting pictures of my trip. Perhaps a "World's Largest [Noun]"? I can only hope so. The weather may be shit, but with a touch of luck we will get to school unharmed.

Peace out, folks.