Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm So Ashamed!

Damn...I really need to stop reading comics for awhile. Most notably Tyson Hesse and Jack Sutter. I'm so ashamed now. I need to do some grinding in order to level up. If only there was some tall grass in the area. *Whooosh* <---that's the sound of this all going right over my older reader's heads. To put it simply I need to do some practicing in order to get some art done that doesn't make me want to torch. It is a vicious cycle of me loving a new piece, to me thinking its just ok, to me hating it with a passion and restraining myself from deleting it forever. Anything you see on this site is in that last stage...wait...ok, there are a couple things I still like, but not very many.

I've currently got a large project in the works, but it is a New Years Resolution thing so I'm giving myself the year to get it done and spend enough time on it so it doesn't suck to high heaven. So I should be doing more practicing in order to work up to that. I'll try and work out some sort of schedule where I can make myself get some stuff done.

I was just looking though my collection of pictures to see if there was anything I could use to spice up this post. I came across this one from a year or so ago taken from the menu of some Asian restaurant here in Portland.


  1. KOREAN FOOD! You just gave me major cravings. Thanks.

    Those pictures from your road trip are mighty spiffy. Although personally, driving above the clouds sounds a lot cooler than it actually is... unless you are Harry Potter and Ron Weaseley.

  2. It's weird because it looks like a picture of something saucy or curry-ish, not just "steamed fish."