Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Pressure

I certainly have a knack for getting myself onto ledges. Ledges don't scare me; the potential for falling, however, freaks me out. For a person who believes that everything will work out in the end, I sure worry a lot. I suppose if Dead Like Me has taught me anything it is that sometimes you just need to take leaps of faith.

I really need to get more artwork produced for you kind people. But it's just so hard, and my fingers hurt, and...I'm out of excuses. Despite my lack of output I'm still trying. To prove it I have snatched a photo graph from my sketch book.

Still a long way from completion, but it's closer than nothing...right? I wish I had assistants. I could sketch something then just pass it off to them to tighten the lines up and ink it. Maybe if I put a lot of work into it then it will give me enough surplus credit with readers to be off the hook for a while. You three or so people sure demand a lot. At least in my head you do.

Rube: "I'd feel a whole lot better about the jumping if it weren't for the falling."
Bettty: "Falling's easy: you just fall. Jumping requires strength of will.
Rube: "And you don't care where you land?"
Betty: "Landing's a lot like falling: you just land."
-Dead Like Me S1E5

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