Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Oh writer's block, why do you taunt me so?
Hopefully I'll produce something worthwhile soon. It seems that my nice Winter Break is coming to an end and I'll have to go back to the bothersome entity of school. I really should have been studying and working on my thesis over break, but screw that. Last semester was super stressful so I took this break for what it is: a break. Perhaps I'll have to work extra hard this semester, but who knows.

One semester remains before I actually have to figure out what to do in life. What a bother. I really have no idea.

On the lighter side I'm road-tripping back to school with my friend Max, so I'll try to take some interesting pictures of my trip. Perhaps a "World's Largest [Noun]"? I can only hope so. The weather may be shit, but with a touch of luck we will get to school unharmed.

Peace out, folks.

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