Sunday, January 25, 2009

Road Tripping In My Old Blue Jeans

I don't feel like drawing a picture at the moment so instead I will show you some pictures from the road trip I took with my friend Max from Minneapolis to Portland.

+Wanting to get the most out of our trip we decided to pull over at this "scenic view" in North Dakota. This just about sums up why few people ever bother to go into North Dakota.

+ I do believe this was in Montana. It isn't fog, it's a cloud. You would get up high enough that you'd go above it and then you'd dip right back down into it. It freaked me out a little so I made Max drive through it. You never know what kind of fearsome things you'll find in clouds.

+ Like this school bus from HELL! You may have to zoom in to tell, but this is a Hellgate Transportation school bus. Needless to say I was beaming with joy when I saw it.

+ The clouds were so dense that we could ignore our parent's warnings and look directly at the sun. It gives you an odd sort of thrill.

+ Here is Max demonstrating why plows are helpful. Driving through waist deep snow would be a little bit challenging...or impossible. I've never tried so I wouldn't know.

+ "Jesse, why on earth do you insist that any camera you buy needs to have manual control?"
Good question, Johnny Q. I love manual settings because this is what automatic settings will get you some times.
+And this is the same scene, but with me in control of the settings. Given more time to fiddle I could have made it even better.

+It's me! In Washington.

+It turns out Washington has a Stonehenge. We were taken aback and quickly pulled a Uuie to go check it out.
"Road tripping in my old blue jeans/in the blue bayou. High up on a jumbo jet/daydreaming of the Midwest. And you know what I love the best, is coming home to you"
'Tell Me How a Man Gets Close To You' -by. Mark Mallman

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