Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Letter Extravaganza '09: Part 1

       I've started a new project: Letter Extravaganza '09. For those of you who use Facebook, you already know that you accumulate a number of "friends" who you don't actually ever talk to or write to or anything to really. To combat this problem I made an offer to all of them to send a real, honest-to-God letter to whoever requests one. I have 102 Facebook "friends", which means that if they all responded I'll be doing quite a lot of letter writing, which sounds pretty cool to me. Although so far the response rate is about 32%.
       This whole project would go pretty fast, but I've also been doing envelope art for all the letters which significantly slows things down...that and laze. For once I've actually been remembering to scan the envelopes before I send them out, so that means I can post them here (Sans addresses of course). The images I do usually have something to do with the person I'm sending it to, but like an inside joke I won't bother explaining them. So without further ado here's the first five.




  1. Wow!
    Love the flute...
    But they are all delightful!


  2. Where's mine? Mine is awesome.

    Also, I agree with Rose. The flue one is grand.

    Also, I'm surprised that Death Cab hasn't sued Owl City for ripping them off in unforgivable ways. Once I finally listed to that one Owl City song with headphones, the autotune is nearly unbearable.

    Ban the autotune!

    Word up, couz.


  3. I'm putting them up in waves of 5, and thus yours will be in the next wave. I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't sure with that one, because it ended up as one of the ones I stared at too long and then all I could see was my mistakes.

    Autotune! *spit*