Sunday, March 21, 2010

Somebody Found the Food Coloring

        Saint Patrick's Day is behind us now so I'm a bit late in this post, but I won't let that stop me. When my sister and I were little, every Saint Patrick's Day we'd wake up to find the milk had been turned green. Although a simple gesture it is often the little things that make the biggest impact. Now it just does not seem like Saint Patrick's Day unless something has been turned green. Actually, that isn't quite right; Saint Patrick's Day does not seem worth the bother until something has been turned green. Holidays, like so many other things, are only as much fun as you let them be. Holidays are the perfect excuse for eccentric behavior. People get drunk every night, but it is not everyday that you color code your life. In my opinion, that's where the real fun of the day lies.
        My Saint Patrick's Day started when I found some food coloring in my cupboards. While I didn't have any Green, I did have Blue & Yellow, so for all intensive purposes I did have Green and I put it to use. For Lunch I had myself some green milk and green fettuccine alfredo with green beans.

        Then for dinner I made myself a green doughed pizza (using pesto instead of marinara), a salad, and since it is Saint Patrick's Day after all so for a drink I had some Rum & Rootbeer (I call the concoction a Charlatan because it's like a Rum&Coke, but not). Then for dessert a slice of Grasshopper pie.

        Yes, it was a very delicious and a very green Saint Patrick's Day. It left me with a full belly, but the food coloring also left me with a rather green thumb. Feel free to turn green with envy.

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