Friday, December 31, 2010

Haikus: Ends, Starts, and Countdowns

Think about the Earth.
It just went around the Sun.
That's pretty awesome.

It's almost midnight.
I hope someone will kiss me.
Huh? What tradition?

Wouldn't it be great
If somebody dropped the ball
by not dropping it?

That Auld Lang Syne song
Is not a proper excuse
For ignoring calls.

Champagne? Why bother?
Just carbonate some vodka.
Now that's a real drink!

Resolution time...
Maybe I'll start working out?
Hahaha...yeah right.

Before kissing her
Remember just one li'l thing
Girls have cooties, dude!

Year end partying
Also means starting the year
A hungover mess.

It's a brand new year.
Try not to mess it all up
Like you did last time.

Hey guys, don't forget
To set all your calendars
Forward by one year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! *Smoooch!*


  1. I like your haikus.
    Did you write them all yourself?
    If so, job well done!


  2. I did indeed write them all myself. Which means 100% of the satisfaction that you enjoyed them is mine to keep. If you like these ones you should check out the rest of the Holiday Haiku trilogy. The first one is in the post from February 14th 2010 and the second is in the post from October 31st 2010.