Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Haikus: Gifts, Hope, and Snowmen

Up on the rooftop,
The deer are leaving presents.
...You’ll need a shovel.

Naughty or Nice, Nick?
Who are you to judge us all!?
Sic Semper Nympha!

A package for you.
But please don't unwrap it yet.
Not until we're done.

Roasting chestnuts, eh?
Do people really do that?
Are they out of brats?

All I need is you.
But I still want some presents.
...I'm only human.

Mom kissing Santa?
All the good men are taken.
It’s official now.

Christmas time again.
Time to be with family.
…Best of luck with that.

Snowmen are sexy.
Who doesn't love well-built men
that leave you all wet?

Gift certificates
Fulfill social requirements
And that's about it.

All I want this year.
Is for you to be happy.
With or without me.

Knows when I’m sleeping?
Is he watching us right now?
Did he bug the house?

Elves on our rooftops!
Breaking into all our homes!
Stop leaving food out!

Mistletoe or no
We should probably make out.
Right now...later too...

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