Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Soooo Close!

Did I really never post any of the pictures from when I was playing with a copymachine? If so I don't see any.

To follow up my last post, Nocturna is amazing. Aside from finding a copy on the internet or tracking me down and demanding to watch it, you'll have a hard time finding it. But I've already seen it twice in the short time after I got my hands on a copy. You know a movie is good when visuals and music rank high on the list of reasons why you love it.

Sorry for the lack of arts. School has got me all bummed. After a little reflection on the idea, I think that I tap Happiness whenever I do art. If I look back in time it seems that the happier I am the more art I produce. While some things are awesome, other things manage to ruin everything. Mainly Japanese class. A combination of an obvious mistake in choosing a concentration for my major, a poor choice of classes, and my attempt to get a minor have all forced me into taking advanced Japanese classes. Sadly I hate these classes, they make me feel like a failure which makes me dislike the class, which prevents me from improving, which then makes sure I continue to feel like a failure. *sigh*

To end things on a more up beat note, this is a picture of my nephew sticking it to the man at 2 months.
Needless to say I'm so very proud.


  1. That kid totally looks like Em. Amazing!

    Keep doing art.
    Maybe you can draw a comic about your dreaded Japanese classes...

    keep on keepin' on, couz.

  2. Alas, it doesn't work that way for me. To write a comic I have to get into the mood of the scene. So to write a comic about Japanese class I would have to extend my feelings of depression and failure outside of the class. Naturally I'd much rather do something happy to shake off such a state.

    A state of happiness fills me with desire to create. States of sadness just don't give me any fuel.