Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amateur Hour

I don't know if you people know of it, but there is a site called Passive Aggressive Notes. People take pictures of passive aggressive notes they find and they get posted on the site. Needless to say it is awesome. I was looking at this one just now and saw the poem someone had written.

Now I will never claim to be much of a poet, although I think its fun coming up with fun rhymes from time to time. But come on people! None does not rhyme with Gone. It doesn't matter that they end the same way, just say them out loud and you'll see. None rhymes with Bun, Fun, maybe even Bombing Run . Also rhyming Hold with Behold? Seriously? What is this amateur hour? I've seen children with more aptitude for rhyming.

P.S. Their meter is all over the place.


  1. i have actually heard people pronounce 'none' like 'nawn'

  2. Nice point. However, rhyming with dialects is a dangerous game. I still go with the dictionary's pronunciation as the definitive one.