Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Not Both?

Oh I can't stay away from you, dear blog. Although I took a little break I'm still the most active blog of the people I know who blog. This is sad. They should all be ashamed...although not as ashamed as those of you who don't provide anything to entertain me. What am I supposed to read while on the Internet, huh? I demand satisfaction.

+I'm not antisocial. Just a strange kind of social.

I figured I'd do a somewhat nicer one than the junk I've been spewing onto your shoes recently. I wish I had more markers. It is quite hard to try and spread them out sometimes with my limited color range. It does, however, give me a nice excuse for not doing backgrounds. I should be studying, but I decided this needed to get done because it's been partially done for a few days and I've started to hate it. Like eggs or milk my comics are tasty at first but quickly go bad.

What have I been up to recently? Going through the motions I suppose. I feel I've been more awkward than usual today. Like when I played a beat on my juice bottle's pop-top in order to pretend I didn't see someone and thus didn't have to give them the stink eye. Mission I'm A Lamewad: Successful. I blame my hair for being super goofy today. It is doing something truly strange in the back and I can feel it is weird, but I have no means of seeing what it looks like. However, this might be for the best.

I had some other things to say, but they escape me at the moment. Perhaps they'll come to me later...they probably won't.


  1. Well done.

    And to entertain you, I have posted my latest letterpressxperiment.

    Now go find a box and send me stuff.


  2. At the moment I have to deal with midterms. My goal for the weekend is to make sure you get whats coming to you...dun dun duuuuuuh!

  3. I really like this comic. It gave me a hearty chuckle. ^^