Friday, May 29, 2009

Cords, Where Art Thou

My scanning capabilities are still nil as I don't have the cords to the scanner yet. When I get scanning abilities are back rest assured there will be many a comic on the way. In the mean time here is some envelope art from when I found that I had accidentally packed a library book and needed to send it back.
If you worked at Watzek Library you'd probably recognize those people...hopefully. Although I seem to have cut off the top of the envelope where I had written "Go Team Watzek", I'm pretty sure it is still pretty obvious that I based it off of Hank and Dean's "Go Team Venture" pose from The Venture Brothers.

I am almost done with the "I Read Your Crappy Blog" contest from last year, which is pretty pathetic. I forgot to scan the last envelope, but oh well. I forget many things. I'll be sure to get the last one scanned.


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