Friday, May 1, 2009

Dear Putz

Yesterday I found a letter in my mailbox from myself. It turns out I was forced to write it during my freshman year. Here it is for your enjoyment minus the parts I clearly wrote to use up the page.

Dear Putz,
      I am currently being forced to write a letter to you. Why I would want to talk to you is beyond me. It is like talking to a wall, you'll never get a response. From the wall at least, everyone passing by will mutter insults and speed up as they pass you. I've tried writing you before. I am still waiting for your response.
      I'm sick today and not in the mood to be writing you. I showed up late to class because the printers at this school suck. I've got my drawing mid-term coming up, so that won't be fun. I think I'll put some more pictures and comics in that stupid sketchbook.
[-Portion deleted for it being overly trivial-]
      I hope you somehow managed to find that The Streets' CD. It's some good stuff. With a bit of luck 89.3 The Current is still around and cranking out the jams. I wonder if Emilie is in Japan right now, she is when I'm writing this. Did you ever get to go as Wallace for Halloween? I'll keep this down to page so I'll be signing off now. Maybe they'll have time machines in your future So you can get off your lazy ass and write me a letter.

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