Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Question Time

The new year is here and what better time than now to answer some questions you might have about Excuse The Quality. So here it is:

"Excuse The Quality":
Question Corner

1. Why is the site called "Excuse the Quality"?

       You might think I was intelligent enough to know the meaning of the popular expression by the same name, but you would have thought wrong. When I came up with it I was thinking more along the lines of a sarcastic "Please excuse me for being so awesome", instead of "Please excuse my lack of quality". Clearly my thought process makes for the more interesting title, but what can ya do.

2. How many people read this thing?

       That's a good question. I have no clue. Less than 5?

3. Why do you take so long to update?

       I don't know. Why do you take so long to shut up?

       Actually it is because I can be both lazy and self deprecating. Both things tend to hinder the creative juices.

4. Why do you use a lame pre-made blog format?

       I am too lazy to want to take the time to make anything/learn how to make anything nicer. Plus if I had something nicer I'd probably feel the need to make my posts nicer. The pressure to do so would then make me fearful. And the fear would subsequently lead me to posting even less.

       At least that's the rationale I've been using.

5. Any New Year's resolutions?

       Get better at everything.


  1. I read it (or at least check on it) once or twice a week... Lazy and self deprecating? I love your stuff, you have amazinh, amusing & insightful observations. Get over it and move on already, because I WANT MORE.


  2. Wow...what a hostile compliment.

  3. I read yer blog, blogface. Post more envelopes!