Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haikus: Love, Sex, and Heartache

Am I attractive?
Women always tell me so,
then again...moms lie...

Hello there ladies,
My package is kind of small,
but my heart's real big.

Pick-up lines are hard,
but so is my erection.
Let's go for coffee.

Innie or outie?
You mean my belly-button
or my genitals?

"You smell really good".
Did I just say that out loud?
"Such pretty eyes"...shit.

Excuse me...miss...miss?
Your laugh made my heart flutter.
...I think it likes you.

Set my heart aflame.
Just not like Temple of Doom.
...that part freaks me out.

Maybe I'm no good.
Maybe he lost my number?
Why won't he just call?

Your smile makes me smile,
so I don't want to forget,
when you smiled for me.

Yes, I'm over you.
Yes, you can date my brother.'re both dead to me.

You look beautiful.
You always look beautiful.
How could you not know?

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