Friday, February 12, 2010

Teeth Marks

        I think something bit me last night. My finger itches. Illuminated by my scratching, glowing white through the red, are two little sets of the same tiny bumps. But where on Earth did they come from? The remnants of some late night battle? Perhaps.

       Two spiders walk across the landscape of a slumbering giant. While not the most ideal path, it is the quickest. You couldn't tell from their movements that they were scared. To any observer it was just the same clamorous cacophony of legs which spiders exhibit. But they were scared. If they knew how to skulk back and slowly tip toe across this beast, trembling all the while, they would, but they didn't.
       Suddenly there is only one spider. The other has left to go investigate the great boulder which is the creature's head. It had been warned of the dangers, but it didn't care. It wanted to see what the fuss was about. The spider and the giant are face to face. The spider turns and calls to its brother, with hubris painted over its face it laughs.
       The impossible quiet of the laugh slips through the air before slowly echoing down a cavernous pit of an ear canal. And something wakes up. While the conscious mind is distracted by colors and lights of a dream, the lumbering subconscious rears forth like a lightening strike and the spider disappears down its gullet in a shower of chitin. In a rumble even lower and ever quieter than the spider's, the monstrous subconscious laughs last.
       The remaining spider is left to comprehend what has just occurred. The sight of its brother's demise searing into its memory 8 times over from 8 different angles. Why was he gone? What did he do to deserve such a thing! The spider lashes out and bites the closest piece of the giant. It bites down again and stops. If it knew how to cry it would, but it didn't. Just like it didn't know how to hang its head and slowly shuffle off.
       A single spider scuttles over the edge of slumbering giant and disappears.

       I think something bit me last night.

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