Sunday, October 31, 2010

Haikus: Fear, Dread, and Jack-O-Lanterns

There's a monster here.
It hides underneath your bed.
It watches you sleep.

Drip, Clank, Skitter, Creak.
Just normal house noises, right?
But how sure are you?

In the dark they come.
Leaves crunching under their feet
and greed in their eyes.

Ding dong, Trick or Treat!
No I'm not too old for this.
Who's too old for fun?

Devil Holiday?
The devil hates Halloween.
Not enough fiddles.

Blades put into treats?
Just a myth, but just in case
I'll put gauze in mine.

Bobbing for apples.
There's just no excitement there.
Unless you add eels.

Costume ideas:
Something classy yet naughty...
Slutty Bill Clinton.

You're going to die.
It happens to everyone.

The ultimate feud!
No, not Werewolves and Vampires.
Ghosts versus Zombies!

Children cannot see
unless you carve out their eyes.
...or is that pumpkins?

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