Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mad Max Mini Comics

Hey, I got bored and decided to draw some comics. Thus I have spent minutes, that's right Minutes, making stupid comics for you. Not just any stuid comics mind you, but stupid comics about that famous Australian film: Mad Max. I saw this movie for the first time recently and it left me rather confused. For one thing I didn't realize it was an Australian film. For a few minutes I was convinced that for some reason in this dystopian world only Australians had managed to survive. It wasn't until I was trying to figure out why one cop would be arguing with his partner over who gets to sit in the passenger seat that I realized we weren't in the States anymore. The driver's seat is on the other side, Jesse! Yes, yes, I am a moron. Anyways, the entire film left me rather confused. Why are Max and his wife never paying attention to their baby? If gas is so rare how come they can afford to go on a road trip? If Toecutter wants revenge on Max why does it seem more like they're trying to get revenge on Max's wife? Does a sidekick named "Goose" ever survive? How can so many people have seen Mad Max, but so few people have seen The Castle? How is that possible!? I keep getting weird looks whenever I reference it. The world just doesn't make sense sometimes.

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