Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Yo-Man Cometh

At the theater where I work we've been showing The Sound of Music. This means that including an intermission it's about a 3.3 hour show. Thus when you show it multiple times in a day you'll quickly start to run out of things to stock and clean. As you know, when this happens I tend to make strange things to pass the time.

This time I noticed a bunch of leftover leaflets that someone had been handing out at a rental a few days prior. They featured a picture of a man in a strange hat. Obviously, I could not resist the call of a picture of a man in a strange hat. I decided to cut out these pictures, make a few modifications, and then hide him around the theater in places that my coworkers (but not the customers) would stumble across.

The result: The Yo-Man!

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