Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stupid Poems 4 Everyone: Part 2

The Rose Knows

There once was a rose
that grew a big nose.

Oh, swell!
I can smell!

it said
in its head,

but then started to think
I don't smell...I stink!

Winter's Golden Trap

It's snowing in my house today,
it's snowing on the drapes.

It's blocked all the doors today,
I don't know how I will escape.

I'm running out of food today,
but what really make me bellow

Is that it's not snowing white today,
instead it's snowing yellow.

What's In a Name

Beatrice was conceived in a grocery store,
afterwards Reggie fell asleep and started to snore, so
Alice snuck out through the store's back door,
Ned was her husband but was a total bore.
Denise was a miner who loved to mine for ore
and Olivia wasn't human, just a sentient fungal spore.
Nathan was rather foreign and had only come ashore
when Kevin stole his wife from him cause Kevin is a whore.
Orlando was so fat he fell right through the floor;
Reginald lived underneath and wasn't heard from anymore.
Larry was an alias for a Norse god of yore,
Ingrid was afraid of him because she thought he might be Thor
and Nobody is a no-one who you can just ignore.

Amphibian Woodwind

There was a little newt
who wanted to play the flute.
He bought one on sale
and then forever got tail,
'cause a newt with a flute is so cute.

Cousinly Prayers

Oh, dear cousin Carrie,
I hope that you aren't dead.
It would be so very scary
if I learned you'd lost your head.

If you were ever drowned
or were killed by wild birds,
my grief would be profound,
I'd be at a loss for words.

Oh, if you fell down the stairs
I don't know what I would do,
so I guess I'll say some prayers
in the hope that God will spare you.

God protect my cousin
and protect her organ's functionality.
She's not a dime a dozen
and she means a lot to me.


Kailey Ukulele
had no one to call her own
and yet she spoke so gaily
unlike the others that were alone.

Oh, Kailey what's your secret?
asked the other lonesome strings.
How can you maintain your artsy wit
when you've got no one to make you sing?

Well, it's really rather easy.
I'm surprised you haven't figured it out yourself.
Although some would call it sleazy,
I simply play myself.

You just use one hand to finger
and the other hand to pluck,
then in no time your gasps will linger
as each and every note is struck.

And the lesson that we learn from the allegory
of the self-reliant lute
is that you don't need to feel sorry
if you don't have some hirsute brute.

To be happy you don't need help from the population,
one only needs oneself
because when you're in the mood for a good vibration
you can always play yourself.

The Tapeworm

I am a friendly tapeworm.
I live inside your gut
and when I reproduce
my eggs come out your butt.

Oh, I am a simple tapeworm,
I like to eat your food,
but I never ask for permission
because, I'll admit, I'm rather rude.

Yes, I am a loving tapeworm
and you'll never be rid of me.
I squirm inside your belly
so won't you be my bestie?


A - had collected print medias
as well as Encyclopedias,
Yearbooks, and Reference works
(all beloved by shelving clerks).

B - is Philosophy, Psychology,
Religion and Theology.

C - are Sciences of History
like Archeology, Biography,
Heraldry, Coins, Diplomatics
and other things you'll find in attics.

D - has all the World's Histories,
unveiling foreign mysteries.

E - talks about America
with plenty US esoterica.

F - is about America's smaller states,
but is mostly still just facts and dates.
It also includes Mexico and Panama,
and former colonies like Canada.

G - has Human Ecology and Anthropology.
Folklore and Geography,
don't forget Cartography.
Environmental sciences,
Recreation and a bunch of Atlases.

H - has studies of Societies,
Statistics and Economies.

J - covers any Political need,
if that's the thing you'd like to read.

K - is all about the Law,
both those at home and those abroad.

L - is rather Educational
in case you want School to be vocational.

M - is quite easy to remember
'cause Music is it's only member.

N - is all about Fine Arts,
with pieces that will touch your heart.

P - isn't just for Prose,
it's also where Language goes.

Q - will be your favorite path
if you love Science and Math.

R - will help a doctor get a win
because it covers Medicine.

S - has all your Agriculture.
Husbandry and Horticulture.
Hunting and Forestry.
Angling and Fisheries.

T - is Technology and Electronics,
Engineering and Astronautics.
Don't forget it has Photographs,
Home Economics and Handicrafts.

U - is for the Military,
V - is for the Navy.
They both have to do with slaughter,
but one is focused on the water.

Finally we get to Z,
which is all about the books you see,
how to write them and how they get to be
found inside a library.


I'm sitting at the hospital
and I think it's all quite clear:
these nurses are not human,
inside they're all just gears.

I never see them eat or sleep,
their work just doesn't stop.
Surely any normal mortal
would be caused to drop.

But it doesn't matter if they're metal,
I think we can agree
that we're just awfully glad they're here
to help take care of ME.

Number Two Blues

In front of the loo there seems to be a massive queue.

I really need to number two and I'm not sure what I should do.

Sirs, said I, would it be fine, if I just skipped this line?

You see, no one's needs compare with mine, my fecal problems just aren't benign.

If I don't get in there you will have to view it when my colon starts to spew it

and my pants, this hall, your favorite shoes, are all covered in organic waste fondue.

What's that? You all say the answer's yes?

My full gratitude I cannot express!


...uh-oh...too late...

Wow...that's really quite the mess.

The Stalker

I've found I have a stalker
and now I don't feel secure.
I always wonder if he's watching,
of what to do I'm just not sure.

He gets up really early,
probably right at the crack of dawn,
because every morning when I wake up
I see him spreading out upon my lawn.

In the morning he peeps in front,
later on he peeps in back.
I'm never really rid of him
until the sky turns black.

It's only in the nighttime
that he ever takes a break,
but never fail he will return
long before I ever wake.

I guess I'll have to live with it,
there's nothing that can be done.
There's just no escaping it
when your stalker is the sun.

Boy-Man Wizard

Did you hear 'bout Maxwell?
That fearsome boy-man wizard,
he screwed up a simple spell
and now he is a lizard.

And oh that little lizard
was trying to clean his scales
when he was mistaken for a prostitute
and now he lives in jail.

So if there is a moral
to this sordid little tale,
it's that if you mess with magic
it'd be better not to fail.

Ice Cream Murderer

I decided that for dessert
I would have a bowl of ice cream,
but when I tried to scoop it
it let out a fearsome scream.

From its wound there started leaking
a goo that was colored red.
...I think it's only strawberry,
but I'm sure my dessert is dead.

I probably should just leave it,
but I think I'll still have a taste.
I's not getting any deader
and I don't want it to go to waste.

Salty Love

Oh my dear, I love you,
but it's time for us to part.
And even though I'm leaving,
know you'll always be in my heart.

I never will forget
your delicious taste upon my lips,
but we never could stop there
and soon enough you were on my hips.

I know I'll still see you
everywhere I go,
but I will, I must ignore you
and I won't even stop to say hello.

Our relationship isn't healthy,
it's just cravings and empty lust.
Even though I still desire those things,
the world we live in is too unjust.

So like two star-crossed lovers
departing on separate ships,
know that I will always love you,
my dear, my love, my only...
my darling potato chips.

Love Note From a Pickpocket

My Dear Miss

I was the one that stole your purse,
but now I think that I'm in love.
I know that sounds real stupid
in my business it's unheard of.

At first I only saw you
as nothing more than a bag of cash
(if I had just looked closer
I would never have been so brash),

But then I saw your photo
on your camera and various I.D.s,
then had a little listen
to some of your MP3s.

I feel that I know you,
even though we've never met.
...Well, unless you count the robbery,
but I really wish that you'd forget.

I can tell you're a good person,
after all you're an organ donor,
so you probably could never love
some thieving little loner.

I would've come in person,
but I'm not sure what I would say...
except that I'm awfully sorry
that things turned out this way.

Anyways, I've got your keys,
so I'll let myself in when you're not home
then just leave your stuff inside
along with this humble little poem.

I know I'm just a pickpocket,
but you've gone and picked my heart.
Once again I'm really sorry
that I messed things up
right from the very start...

Most Sincerely,
Your Pickpocket

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