Friday, January 20, 2012

Punny Titles

So a year or so ago I started watching this little series of animation shorts called Blamimations. One of their running jokes was for the two characters to bounce ideas of one another and then having their set-ups lead into a punchline title. For example:
"Stephen Hawking gives up his life as a quantum physicist and uses his incredible mind to solve murders. It's called, A Brief History of Crime."
-Blam #9

Anyways, it got me started and from time to time I've tried my hand at making my own. So here is the collection of all the ones I've done so far.

Armed with only a magical squirt gun, high schooler Jonas Salk must defeat the demon that crippled his girlfriend. It's called, Super Salker.

It's a sitcom about depressed vampires. It's called, Sucks to be You.

A dark comedy about a widowed man and a smart aleck bird. It's called That's so Raven...what do you mean that title's already been taken!? Damnit, Raven-Symone!

  • Another dark comedy, but this time a novice beekeeper finds out his queen bee is actually a witch. It's called, BeeWitched.
  • It's a talk show where noteworthy curmudgeons come together to complain about the topic of the day. It's called, We Bitched.

Meet Jane Eyre. A walking social disaster that has just landed her dream job as a Safety Inspector. Although a string of kooky clients generally keeps her pretty busy, she can't help but notice that something is strange about her new boss. Can she handle her life, her job, and a mystery? Coming this Fall it's, Eyre on the Side of Caution.

Milo is a depressed gondolier living in Venice who's lost sight of life's beauty. That is until he comes across a mermaid who's wandered into the Venetian canals and together they discover the wonders of the city and of life. It's Splash meets Roman Holiday, it's called: Venice de Milo.

A woman overcomes her drug addiction through mountain climbing. It's called, I'm So High.

Children's Book Idea: Dino Sores: A Child's Guide to Epidemiology

A group of students at a school for the blind team up to solve mysteries. It's called, No 'I' in Mystery.

After 45 years working at the bucket factory 70 year old Walter Pail loses his job. With a sick wife to support, Walter desperately needs to find another job. However, no one will hire him because buckets are all he knows. With the bills mounting he's left with only one option: participate in a kickboxing tournament to try and win the grand prize. He's gonna kick ass or die trying. It's called, Kick Bucket!

Jenni Takahashi is a sullen and introverted 13 year old. That is until she meets Gregory Zane, a young boy who was raised by Giraffes. With Gregory's help Jennie starts to learn what friendship is all about. It's called, Stick Your Neck Out.

A motley crew of 5 elite fighters, each one missing one of the 5 major senses, team up to fight evil. It's called, Senseless Violence!

Dirk Shaughnessy is a bare-knuckled brawler who can FEEL no pain!

Clementine Jones is a sniper who's never HEARD the word "impossible".

Chad "Zato" Matsumoto is a weapons expert who has never SEEN a person he couldn't kill.

Larry Williams is a demolition expert who doesn't mind the SMELL of blood.

and Noelle Durand is a former circus performer who has never had a TASTE for killing...but that won't stop her from doing it anyway.

After all the master wizards of the world have been defeated by a fearsome demon the only one left to face it is an incompetent wizard-in-training named Peasly. Clearly outmatched Peasly uses the only spell he can think of and ends up accidentally trapping the demon in his bladder. Can he hold it in until he can figure out a way to defeat the demon? And can he do it while the demon whispers not-so-sweet flushings in his ear? Find out in: You Gotta Go.

Matokai Jun is an intelligent, but socially awkward high school freshman. She'd rather just fly under the radar, but that's hard to do when you've just found a magical pair of shoes that can turn you into a monster. Especially when people with similar powers start showing up. Ones who aren't so inclined to lie low. It's “怪洵後-ハイ”! [Kaijun Kou-High]

When all the senior members of Sen's high school math club graduate, they leave her in charge. Why? Because she's incredibly smart, spirited, tenacious...and the only one left. Now it's up to her to revitalize the club to its former glory, but first she's gonna need to get some other members. It's “千π”! [Sen Pi]

Chuck was just an average grunt at a local McFly's franchise. That is, until the day he was exposed to a contaminated tub of chicken wings and transformed into a chicken! Sure it wasn't long before he returned back to normal, but the real problem is that it keeps happening! Can he keep these unexpected bouts of avian transmutation under wraps until he can find a cure? Find out in: Guess What, Chicken Butt.

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