Friday, March 16, 2012

The Late Night Photographic Expedition

In case you didn't know, I bike to work. I bike to work because I'm too poor to be able to afford a car, my job is 9 miles from my house, and the buses aren't running when I get off work. Unfortunately, I recently learned that my bike is in need of some repairs and thus I didn't want to ride it to work last night, because I didn't want to aggravate its problems. So I took the bus to work.

But that leaves a conundrum: how do I get back home? The answer is, of course, to simply call someone and ask for a favor. However, I hate asking for favors. I'm also too cheap to call a cab. Thus, the only thing left to do is to walk.

To make things more interesting I decided that I would take some photographs along the way. I was going to take pictures the whole way home, but I was fighting with memory card space the entire trip and I just didn't really have enough to document everything. Not to mention that stopping to take all these pictures had made the journey take MUCH longer than it would have normally and by that time it was getting light out and I was ready to just be home.

Please be warned that I own a pretty cheap camera and no sort of tripod. As such, I'm not really set up for night time photography. But I did my best. So here are the pictures that miraculously turned out mostly okay, presented in chronological order. As usual, please excuse the quality.

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