Monday, June 5, 2017

31 Days of Spooky Movies: The Brood

Day # 26

The Brood

A father tries to get to the bottom of what’s being done to his institutionalized wife and the strange string of murders that seem to revolve around her.

Fright Factor:
1 / 5 Embarrassing Mothers

Gore Factor:
1.5 / 5  Live Births

Should You Watch it?

Oh my dear gosh, I hate this movie!

So. Much.

If I hadn’t been under a time-crunch this day I would have definitely turned it off. It is so stupid and POWERFULLY bland. Half of the movie is just the father doing fatherly things, trying to get on with his life sans wife, and talk-talk-talking and they give you absolutely no reason to care. Then these weird children-things start showing up and killing people despite their lack of subtlety or skill. And even when there are murders occurring the film still manages to be boring!

And then the ending. Oh, the ending. Admittedly the ending is the most interesting part of the movie BY FAR, but, jeez...does it ever come out of nowhere. I mean, really, just completely out of nowhere. I won’t spoil it, because the reveal is the only part of this movie that was even remotely worth watching. But just know that if you attempt this and find yourself bored out of your mind like I was, you won’t be missing much to skip over large swathes of the film.

I could probably find some kernel of interest to grasp onto and make a better post about it, but it just doesn’t deserve it. It’s an extremely boring horror movie that is far from scary and WAY too 70s for its own good (let alone the viewer’s).

If you can’t find a better horror movie to watch than The Brood you either don’t have many options or just aren’t trying hard enough.

“The movie, I mentioned, is a bore. That's because hardly anything of interest happens until the last 15 minutes or so. Eggar's husband is opposed to the institute, thinks she's being kept a prisoner there, rants and raves a lot and finally breaks in. But otherwise there's just a lot of coming and going and musing, as the music on the sound track hints darkly at the terrible things to come.”
-from Roger Ebert’s review of The Brood

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