Wednesday, September 13, 2017

31 Days of Spooky Movies: What We Become

Day #27

[What We Become]

When a zombie virus comes to town the government quarantines everyone inside their homes. A family does their best to survive the situation, while their idiot son’s poor life choices constantly threaten to destroy everything they hold dear.

Fright Factor
1.5 / 5 Nuclear Families

Gore Factor
2.8 / 5 Knives to the Eye

Should You Watch It?

You know what? No.

It’s not a terrible film, but even at its best moments it’s still pretty generic.

To its credit there were two things I did like. The first being that the government’s actions, while aggressive, seemed very appropriate. I mean, sure it would be pretty creepy to get quarantined in your house upon threat of being shot if you left, but still a better situation than being eaten alive by the living dead, no?

Second was that I also liked the main family (for the most part). There was something very honest and relatable about them. Unfortunately the movie manages to sour this by means of the family’s son who is, without a doubt, THE WORST.

I mean, good golly, that kid is awful. I would have turned this movie off, but I REALLY wanted to see someone eat him. He ruins every decent thing the film had to offer by rebelling against it and becomes this incredibly frustrating embodiment of everything that makes some teenagers so irritating: he rebels against any authority that disagrees with him, he acts on impulse and never considers the consequences of his actions, he doesn’t listen, he thinks more with his hormones than with his brain, and did I mention that he thinks he knows everything?

And guess what happens to this void of common sense when a zombie virus hits town?

That’s right! His vast supply of idiocy constantly endangers everyone he encounters.

If this was a comedy that might actually be pretty entertaining, but it’s not a comedy! They play everything straight and serious.

If you want to spend an hour and a half yelling at a teenager who constantly ruins everything for everyone, then by all means watch this movie. But if you’ve watched any other zombie movie than nothing here will surprise you. There are FAR better zombie movies out there. And FAR better Scandinavian horror movies as well.

“Right now there is no specific cure.”

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