Saturday, April 19, 2008

Might As Well

If I don't have any real art for you I might as well give content of some sort, just in case people keep checking for updates and are continually disappointed. So here is a rant about Dave Kellett's ego. I figure it is comics related, plus it has been bugging me.

So I was reading the blog at the webcomic Sheldon and the creator (Dave Kellett) was saying how happy he was about his new baby. Awwwww. But then at the bottom he has a little note explaining why he will not say his child's name and from now on won't post any pictures of her. Why? Apparently he leads such a public life and doesn't want to force such a life on his kid. "I want to give her the gift of anonymity to become her own person in life." No offense to Mr. Kellett, but this bothers me. It does so because it hits on one of my major pet peeves: people with big egos. Last time I checked he was still a webcomic artist and not the hit new movie star. Does he have paparazzi continually after him trying to get a photo? Take a moment and think to yourself, "How many of my favorite comic creators would I be able to recognize on the street?" I'll bet the number isn't very high. Increase the question to include the extended family of your favorite comic creator and I'd wager you don't have a very large number going there. A public life? Come on Mr. Kellett, you're an artist. Unlike musicians, artists don't have to be in the room with you to experience their creations. Not putting up photos? Sure, maybe you think some weirdo fan on the street will recognize her. I can understand that. I'll even let you get away with the name bit, but come on! Don't spout this high-and-mighty junk as if you're living a life that actually gets that level of publicity. You might be popular, but you aren't even close to being that popular.

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  1. You make a good point, and a funny one as well. :D Let me know how the room choosing goes!