Monday, April 28, 2008

Stupid School

Well I have some time to kill here at school so I might as well put up an update. It'll probably be some time before I get another comic up, because it is hard to find the drive to do them when there are projects and papers that must be done. However, I don't want to leave everyone hanging so I suppose I'll just keep up these little posts to give something a keep you occupied for a little bit at least.

I'm definitely looking forward to the end of the semester. These has been a pretty damn blah sort of semester and getting back to Minnesota sounds like a pretty sweet concept. An even sweeter concept to think about is Lunch, but I won't be able to enjoy that until a while longer *sigh*

I'm at school right now so I can't really scour my files for a picture to put up. I'm looking through the storage space the school gives me to see if I've put anything of interest in there. The only thing semi-interesting is the song I made for that Electronic Music class I took last year. Although I warn you it is kind of weird. I made it in a video game sort of mood, so it is more random video game tunes than a real "song". Plus it gave me an excuse to use a bunch of Zelda sound effects I found. If you've never played any Zelda game you probably won't appreciate it as much. For the actual project I had to make a video to go with it, so I just ended up throwing a bunch of clips from the Zelda games and commercials together. I'm sure I have that video around somewhere, although I'm not sure where.

Click Me!

Hahaha, I haven't listened to that in a while. For some reason I can just hear some older woman teacher saying to her class, "Ok now, Class. Let's close our eyes and open up our imaginations and let it take us away!" Or something equally silly. You know you've had a teacher at one point in your life who says really weird stuff and gives you a "Wait...what? Did they really just say that?" kind of look on your face.

Actually I've long thought weirding people out would be an excellent punishment for kids. Little Jesse Jr. didn't do her chores and went out partying instead? Well then, guess I'll have to put on some bicycle shorts, a shirt with her picture on it, and some sweat bands then show up at her high school to give her a fresh pair of underwear. I'll bet they won't skip out on chores again...unless of course they've gotten used to such actions by then...sneaky little bastards. Also is there a law saying you can only have a kid be a Jr. if they're the same gender? Because it would be hilarious if you could.

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