Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Told You I'd Post

Well I forgot my gray scale markers at home so I made do with what I had. Unfortunately I did a shoddy job of making do so it took me awhile to clean it up on the computer. Despite that here you go.
This is actually a common problem of mine. Way too often I send emails that would be best left unsent. The dangers of instant communication of the modern age, eh? On one hand I guess if you felt enough to write it, it can't be too horrible. Although writing emails in a state is never the best idea because you'll tend to let info out you'll kick yourself for later. Too bad everyone can't just say what they think all of the time. It would probably make for a much better world.

I think I have enough ideas to keep this "story line" going for a few more at least. I'd like to promise you another one for tomorrow, but Wednesday is my busiest day. However, I'll be on campus for a lot longer than usual because I want to partake in the Ice Cream Social for library workers, so I might just have the time to do it. If I can't get one up tomorrow I'll put up the second page to that story from last post. I've been told it isn't as bad as I thought.

Let the updates continue!

P.S. Computers are a pain in the ass to draw...so many buttons. The windows on the screen, however, are quite fun.


  1. More power to you for doing the things you've always wanted to do ^o^

    About sending frenzied emails too quickly, the opposite habit can be troublesome, too. I have a tendency to reread my emails several times, and edit them, before even coming close to sending them. It takes a while, and I sometimes wonder if I just want to send a well-composed message, or I just like reading what I write...>_>;; (in fact I'm rereading this comment right now for the umpteenth time) But apparently my mother and sister do the same thing, so that relieves me considerably.

    Ice Cream Social for library workers...this could be just me being silly, but that sounds wonderfully camp. XD
    Thank you for the comic! :D

  2. The problem isn't sending emails too quickly, the problem is sending emails you shouldn't send. I often rewrite bits of emails and comments. The problem comes from after sending it and then going,"...oh fuck. what did I just do?"

    Wonderfully camp indeed. It is even better when you get emails about it from your boss with subject lines like "ICE CREAM FOREVER!"