Saturday, October 11, 2008

Break Time

Ahhh can you smell that? It's the smell of Fall Break. Refreshing is it not?

Unfortunately Fall Break is coming to a close and now that the normal days of the weekend are here I must start doing work again. What a shame. Because Thursday and Friday were break days I decided to not do any school work over them. Sure it would have given me extra time to get school work done, but I thought about it and came to this conclusion: F%$@ it. School gets me stressed and I've learned that my general well being is more important to me than scholarly performance. I'm sure I could get straight As if I wanted to put that much work into it, but if I did that I wouldn't be happy. All things considered I'd rather be happy; life is short.

So far Break has been a lot of fun as it's given me time to reacquaint myself with all the things I like. I did some doodling, read some comics, and even listened to 89.3 The Current. I found out that Atmosphere has a free album for download and that has been my official soundtrack for the break. For those of you who aren't familiar Atmosphere is a rap group of Slug and Ant (Sean Daley and Anthony Davis) from Minneapolis. This new album takes a different route than past ones in that they have a live band this time which creates an awesome sound. I know a lot of the people who read this aren't really into rap music, either because the sound doesn't resonate with you or possibly because your only exposure to it is through the mainstream crap. If you don't like the sound, well to each their own (but for the record Ant's sound has an amazing sound), but at the very least you should be able to appreciate the way Slug can construct a lyric or a story. For example:

"I've got a restraining order
against Satan's daughter
and I keep it at the bottom of this Jameson and water" -Shoulda Known

"My better half is mad at making magic out of canned goods
My tax bracket status got her questioning my man hood
My shorty got caught smoking weed at a concert
And if I smack em everybody treats me like a monster
My neighbors ain't doing much better
And we making competition instead of sticking together
Cant save no nest egg in fact this nest is rented
In fact that rent is late, wait
The money ain't here the raise ain't coming" -Guarantees

"I wanted to make a song about where I'm from
you know, big ups my hometown
my territory, my state but,
i couldn't figure out much to brag about
well, prince lives here
we got ten thousand lakes, but wait
the women are beautiful
to me they are
and were not infested
with pretentious movie stars
and it hit me man
Minnesota is dope
if only simply for not what we have
but what we dont" -Shh

Well I must be off to work now. After which I'll probably end up working on homework until I decide to put it away for the night and watch a movie before going to bed.


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