Sunday, October 19, 2008

Super Fast Library Comic

Yup so I decided to do a comic super quick for one of my library cohorts. While only the select group of Watzek Library workers will really understand this comics, I'm putting it up anyway. While a lot of it I hate because it is super crappy, a lot of it I like because despite my effort to do a sloppy job some things turned out nicely. When stuff turns out nice when you're going really quickly it means that something or other has worked its way into your skills, which is always nice. On the other hand things not in your skill set come out as well. Like pony tails. How the hell do you draw a pony tail from a view that doesn't actually show it? I made Hannah look like she has a super short hair cut instead of just having it tied back. Ughers.

I've also learned that it is now apple season. I just drank some absolutely delicious organic hard cider and before that Ms. Davis was kind enough to offer me an apple (also delicious). To make a long story short, apple season is awesome season.

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