Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 Favorite Books

Here is a fun activity for those of you with some time to spare. It is very simple:
  • Step 1: Find an interesting person.
  • Step 2: Ask them what their top 5 favorite books are.
  • Step 3: Read those books.

Now it is important to note that the purpose of this is not to get book recommendations. The purpose is to see what books have resonated with them. If they can't give you their top favorites, you'd be better off finding someone else to ask. Usually asking the more ardent readers is your best bet as their lists have been selected from a much larger pool.

The funny thing is that when you ask about someone's favorite books, no one ever expects that you'd actually go and read them. But why not? It is a fascinating look into someone else's mind. And if that wasn't enough you also get to read some titles you wouldn't normally think to. Maybe you'll find a great new author. Maybe you'll develop a greater understanding of someone. Maybe you'll just make a mental note not to read anything this person recommends in the future. No matter what, you'll pick up some interesting information.

It only seems fair that if I'm investigating others through their favorite books I should allow them to return fire. So I'll make it easy on anyone that wants to. My top 5 favorite books are:
  1. Night Watch by. Terry Pratchett
  2. Abarat by. Clive Barker
  3. The Wayside School series by. Louis Sachar
  4. Ender's Game by. Orson Scott Card
  5. Perdido Street Station by. China Mieville

At this moment in time that is my list. Perhaps it is cheating to include an entire series as one spot on it, but they are children's books so they are short with big fonts. Regardless, their stories have all run together in my mind and I'd be unable to pick only one.

No matter who you choose, I suggest you give it a try sometime. Like with shoes, you can learn a lot about someone by spending some time in their books.

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