Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood

I've only just found out that a friend of mine posted a video I did on Youtube. This is great news for me because I have been rather lazy about getting those online. Its title is "Do You Know Little Red Riding Hood?" and it was for a Documentary class I had to take. The project's goal was to get practice cutting dialogue together. It had to have at least three individual subjects and at least 4 shots of something other than heads. To make cutting easier, thus making the project easier, I came up with the idea of asking different friends of mine to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Everyone knows the general story, but the great bit is that everyone's version is a little bit different. Since part of the fun of it was seeing everyone tell the story I really didn't want to put in the 4 shots of something else, but I wanted to get a good grade even more. Because of this I had to collect footage last minute and jam it down my video's throat. They are kind of super awkward, but thems are the breaks...along with the school's crappy microphones.

Anyways here it is. Enjoy.


  1. I recognize that path at LC! :D

  2. Crappy Microphones is right. But other than that, good work!