Tuesday, October 4, 2016

31 Days of Spooky Movies: Final Destination

Day #3.5

Final Destination

High school student Alex Browning has a vision that his flight is going to explode and manages to get himself and 6 others off the plane. But when his premonition comes to pass the survivors find themselves with a problem: they’re supposed to be dead...and Death doesn’t like outstanding debts.

Fright Factor:
1 / 5 Rube Goldberg Machines

Gore Factor:
3 / 5 Inevitable Deaths

Should you watch it?

This movie is definitely worth watching, but not in the sense that it’s a quality movie (it’s not). It makes up for its lack of merit, however, by being so inherently stupid that it comes out the other end as rather entertaining. The over-the-top-Rube-Goldberg-machine deaths and the awkward late 90s/early 00s teenage awkwardness combine into something that begs to have you get a group of friends together to laugh at the sheer absurdity of it all.

So many horror movies are illustrative of our society’s fears: infectious diseases, the breakdown of social order, natural disasters, etc. In Final Destination the central fear of the film is just that we could die at any time and there’s no escaping it...which has ALWAYS been the case. Everyone is going to die sometime. It’s inevitable! And since it’s a fear that is an inherent part of our lives, the movie isn’t actually providing us with any additional scares. Maybe one day someone really talented will come around and instill us all with the true horror of slipping in the tub, but today is not that day.

“Alex, let’s go take a shit.”

“Take a shit by yourself.”

“No, dude.”

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