Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!

Hey all you manly Father's out there. What's crackin'? Hopefully not your back you old codger, you. I don't think any Fathers read this, but it is better to be save than sorry.I continue my all-out ban on store bought cards this year, but I didn't give myself much of a head start and ended up doing a quick job on it. The weird gray streaks are because it had already been folded into card form before I scanned it. In the end it doesn't matter though because anything hand made is better than a store bought card. How much do they charge for those things? I bet it's over $2, which is silly. I realized while writing the idea for this joke that no one would get it, despite this obvious flaw it amuses me...and in the end isn't that what truly matters? In case you are one of the people that don't get it the joke is "Jeans"="Genes". If you did get it you should give yourself a pat on the back. I'd do it, but you aren't around. You only have yourself to blame for that.

EDIT: I gave the card to my Dad and he totally got the joke first try! Well done, Pops. Kudos.

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