Monday, June 9, 2008

State of Minnesota...Why Do You Hate Me?

I've learned that I'm in an abusive relationship. I love them, but they treat me like dirt. Damn you, Minnesota! Why do you scorn me? In exchange for my affection I get sent to Jury Duty. For those lucky people who have never had to do this before let me sum it up for you.

Jury Duty = Being forced to sit in a room from 9am-4:30pm every weekday for 2 weeks and only getting $20/day for it.

I'm sure I've mentioned the selection of weirdos you get on Amtrak, but I've discovered that to really get some weirdos you just need to take a random selection of the populace. One woman there was trying to do everything she could to get out of doing it. Apparently she:
+Has a bad memory and thus isn't sure if she can remember everything
+Has diabetes and thinks she'll have to leave for frequent breaks to get nibbles
+Will have to take a bus, which she's never done before, adding to her anxiety
+Not sure if her "urban" dress will be appropriate (Answer: Yes, your reeboks, jeans and polo shirt are fine)
+Dislikes cops because they pepper sprayed her and her friends for being a bit rowdy as they walked down the street. Also "they be tazin' everyone all the time".
+And has to work evenings so she'll just might be "fallin' asleep all the time".

Also I dropped some eaves onto some preppy white kids' conversation as they listened with rapt attention to one kid as he described the intricacies of his iTunes star rating system. His rating is such an elite system that only two songs have gotten the highest honor of the 5 star rating. He says he doesn't listen to a lot of rap, but Kanye West is an exception. His songs all have 3 stars and a few even have 4! [I should note that if Kanye West is far from remarkable. For good rap I recommend Atmosphere, Sage Francis, and Brother Ali.]

I tried to get a comic done, but that damn room sucked out any motivation I might have had. Turns out I need input while I work to get things done. It is quite hard to keep your mind on fun silly things when you've been sitting in the same room for hours and still have hours to go. Hopefully you'll accept my ranting as a replacement.

I've been addicted to a couple of songs recently. I can listen to them again and again and just not get sick of them. Here are links in case you're curious.
Pogo's Alice
and any song by Karmella's Game

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