Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Offer Has Expired

Just an update to let you all know that the special non-posting apology offer has ended. 3 People responded. The members of this lucky trio will all receive a letter from me featuring envelope art and everything. While everyone else is reading their junk mail and bills these lucky souls will be able to enjoy that great feeling that comes with finding an actual letter in the mailbox.

Letters are kind of funny don't you think? I mean in this day and age they are pretty rare, but something in our culture has created a special place for them. Just think about the image of Charlie Brown sitting by his mailbox waiting for a Valentine, or the torment Calvin went through when he knew his propeller bennie was coming in the mail and ran home everyday hoping it had come. They're romanticized as well in other mediums as well, just look at all the letter writing that went on in Pride and Prejudice. Words have power. When an idea is written down it holds importance and power, because it has permanence. You can always go back and see what it said word for word. Speech doesn't have the same power, things that are said are bound to be forgotten or at the very least faded over time. People love letters, but they never send them. How odd.


  1. You should make a toast to that. :D

    I heard on the news today that Minnesota is getting some pretty crappy weather...can't remember if it was a tornado or flash flood. You're not underwater/sitting in a pile of rubble are you? >_<;

  2. Sadly, I don't often give toasts. By which I mean never.

    The Mid-West tends to get a lot of crazy weather, but usually the serious stuff tends to doge the twin cities. We've just been getting a lot of heavy rain. Flash floods aren't really a problem where I'm at. The Mississippi would have to get freakishly big to do something like that.