Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Only 4 Years 'Till Next Time

While the first day of Jury Duty was amazingly boring, yesterday and today haven't been too bad. I should inform you that if you get selected for Jury Duty don't listen to other people and try to say things to get kicked off of a jury in the selection process. People who don't get put on juries are pretty much guaranteed to have to stay the full 2 weeks or more. Be warned.

If there was something weird about the trial it was the attorneys. The Prosecutor's named was Judd. Surprisingly it actually fit him. His suit was always wrinkled and misfitting. The creepiest thing was his fake smile seemed to mask a hidden evil that wished to break free. Plus he was annoying as hell. He repeated everything. When asking potential jurors questions he asked everyone the same questions and said he was sorry for being repetitive. He repeatedly apologized for being repetitive! How does that make sense? Besides all these things he was a pretty awful lawyer so go figure.

The Defense attorney on the other hand was nervous, stumbled in his speech sometimes and on multiple occasions misspoke in a way that incriminated his client; only catching the mistake a few sentences later.

The Battle of the Novice Lawyers!

Let me tell you, it is really quite bizarre to hear "Taco Bell" be mentioned in a trial. Especially when it is mentioned a lot. If it had been filmed you would have thought there was serious product placement going on. Apparently that Taco Bell's parking lot is a hot spot for trouble.

Another point of notice: although the opening and closing statements of the lawyers sound a lot like speeches you are not to clap when they finish. I very nearly made this mistake after an awkward silence confused me. Luckily someone said something and thus stopped me from making a fool of myself.

Also a note to whoever runs the jury assembly room: please update your games. Trivial Pursuit from 1981 is extremely difficult. Especially entertainment questions. I do not now, nor have I ever known any Lucille Ball trivia. The old game did, however, teach me that the singular of "graffiti" is "graffito"...which just seems so wrong.

Oh so I found some stupid think on the internet today where people were supposed to create dialogue for their comic...although they were responsible for putting the "BANG BOOM" sound effect in. After they mentioned that the last panel featured their character naked in a tree I couldn't keep my immaturity at bay.I'm still giggling at the term "STDed".

Alrighty I'm sleepy and need to stop writing. This post is already massive, so I doubt you'll mind.

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