Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I think my letter endeavor is cursed. First I lost my inking pens, then after finding them I soon lost the envelope itself followed by the actual letter. If this trend continues I fully expect to drop dead of a mysterious illness. Then you will be responsible for gathering together a motley crew and investigating.

I got a bit bored today so figured I'd bother Carolyn with silly pictures. Because of her knowledge of Greek stuff I figured I'd go with a Greek monster. Soon after I realized that I have no clue how to actually draw a Sphinx. I have just drawn one and, obviously, I still have no clue. Maybe next time I get bored I can try to show the world how I have no clue how to draw a Gorgon.

Sure Death Race looks pretty crazy. But can it really hope to out-crazy the classic Death Race 2000?


  1. Yes, draw a Gorgon...from the cheese family ^o~

  2. Throbbing blue veins, created from bacteria, and a distinctive smell? Sounds like a monster to me.

  3. That was an Eddie Izzard reference, from his "Sexie" performance. Perhaps not too well known...

  4. You are the second person who seems to expect me to remember Eddie Izzard quotes. I am fairly good with quotes, but I've listened to over 6 hours worth of Eddie Izzard skits. Thus there is so much there material there that my brain said, "fuck it" and promptly stopped trying.

    but kudos to your clearly superior mind, knowing the name of the performance as well...impressive.