Tuesday, July 1, 2008

!Happy Birthday Jesse!

Yes, today is the day I decided to move out of the cramped apartment of my mother's womb and into the big world. In 1987 on this very day I made my entrance to the planet, just as Canada did 120 years before me on the first of July, 1867. To celebrate I have drawn myself a comic. I'm just nice that way.Oh Mrs. Frizzle. She single handedly makes school worse by showing just how much fun it could be if only you had a magic bus and a magic lady. What a women. You'd better treat her right Mr. Frizzle, you lucky bastard you.

Now I know what you are thinking.
"What can I do to celebrate such an important day like today?

Here are some ideas for you,
-Shoot off some fireworks in my honor
-Dress up in a traditional Jesse outfit
-Take a moment to thank and/or curse your deity for my existence
-Sing Jesse Carols door to door
-Sleep in
-Wear a mask of my face
-Remember WWJD: What Would Jesse Do?

My plans for the day include treating myself to a delicious bagel, drawing on the sidewalks, wearing my suspenders, and eating ribs and malts. And so much more!


  1. hmmm this sounds like a conversation that we had earlier ;). nerd. happy birthday friend and happy forth of july.

  2. I don't recall having a conversation with you that involved my mother's womb, Canada Day, Mrs. Frizzle, ways others can honor my birthday, or delicious bagels.