Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Envelope #1

Wow. I received a response letter from the first, and only (sorry guys) prize letter I sent out. I should get on the next one. I was nearly finished with it and then my sister had her baby and it slipped my mind. I'm nearly done with it though, just got to put on the finishing touches. Just to give the other prize winners a taste for what's in store here is a scan I did of the envelope art I did.

I blurred out the address so you bums wouldn't attack them with junk mail...although I don't know why you would. I always have fun when I pull out my kiddy watercolor set. I'm not very good with it, but at least the results are usually interesting. I also like when I can think of a way to fit my initials into the drawing so I don't have to just sign the bottom. It's just so hum-drum.

Hey, I'm 3 for 3, so far this week...wait, Hold My Drink Reginald beat the 12 o'clock mark so that was still Saturday. Damn...well, I guess I'm still 2 for 2, in terms of weekday updates. That's still pretty good.

Will Jesse be able to get another update done for tomorrow? Who is this new foe? Will Maria's evil twin stick Carlos with the check? Tune in tomorrow for the answers to these and other exciting questions!

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