Friday, July 5, 2013

Album Anagrams

I've only just realized that I've neglected to post the album art I did for the last couple mix CD's I made.

I hate going through all the trouble to carefully create a mix for someone just to write "Jesse's Mix" or "Happy Birthday" or whatever dumb thing on it. It's like making a homemade table then painting over the wood.

My standard move is to take the name of the person I made the mix for (or part of it at least) and make an interesting anagram out of it. Then all I have to do is just draw the imagery to match it. It makes the whole thing much more personal I think. Plus it lets me draw all sorts of weird stuff that I would have never normally thought of.

Seize the Kelp Barbarian

If I remember correctly I made this one in a bit of a sleep-deprived rush on December 23rd of some year or another. It was for my cousin and while I had arranged the mix in advance I waited until the last minute to deal with the rest. Like usual! Which is (of course) why this is a picture of it and not a scan of it like I would normally do.

A Fairer Prop Thigh

I made this one and I was really proud of it. Like super pleased with myself. But then I noticed that it could be viewed as a lamp and not as part of a mannequin like I meant it to be. I've also just realized that I forgot to sign it... *sigh*

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