Saturday, July 20, 2013

Postcards: Holes

Trying to come up with an image for Holes is surprisingly tough. You could do a bunch of holes (which would be aesthetically lame), or you could do a yellow-spotted lizard (which just isn't Holesy enough), or Jon Voight looking crazy, or a scene from the movie (also not Holesy enough because it would just look like a bunch of kids in orange jumpsuits standing in the desert), or a corpse with a lipstick kiss on it, or maybe a joke about Dule Hill being in this movie before he became the star of Psych.

Anyways, you see my dilemma.

I'm actually pretty proud of the design I came up with though.

Or should I say...I really DIG it!

...oh...I definitely shouldn't say that? Oops.

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