Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All Night 02/25/08

When you're about to go to bed and you happen to check your schedule and realize that the paper you have to write is due tomorrow morning and not in 3 days like you had previously thought...it is not pleasant.
The paper was for Japanese class and it had to be on the subject of marriage. Seriously I don't have a couple pages worth of things to say about marriage in English let alone Japanese. So I did what I usually do in such circumstances and tried to make the project interesting enough to get me to do it. Thus I did indeed write my essay from the point of view of a 400 pound DBZ nerd who wants to marry a robot in the future, because no regular woman will have him. There was a bit at the end of the project description that said how important being original and interesting was...well, I think I got that part covered.


  1. For those of who read the comments, the above one is a good example of one that I can't understand.

    It could mean a number of things.
    1)DUDE! This comic is awesome
    2)DUDE! ? Who says that anymore?
    3)DUDE! Why'd you stay up so late?
    4)DUDE! These are isotopes

  2. It was more of a ...
    Dude, marriage to a robot?