Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Bonus Day!

Hello everyone! Happy Bonus Froggy Day! I still plan on doing a massive comic splurge on Saturday, but I couldn't help but create a little something for a holiday such as the extra day of the leap year. So after my class ended I putzed around on the computers in the library for a while when I suddenly decided that I must make a Leap Year card. At this point there was about 30-40 minutes to spare until I had to go catch my ride back to campus. I'm proud to say that I managed to sketch, ink, scan, upload, download, clean up, color, format, print, upload again, cut and mail this little card within that time frame. Sure I had to sacrifice quality, but hey better something than nothing am I right?
Alrighty I'm going togo eat something and then I think I just might bake a cake to celebrate the occasion.

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