Sunday, March 2, 2008


So I know I said I'd post some stuff this weekend, but it looks like I'm a liar. I started doing some sketching and I've decided to change things up. I figure maybe every month I'll change lanes to keep things interesting. So I've been using the weekend to work out some ideas for this months comic project. I'm thinking the task for this month will be to continuing doing strips every weekday, but this time using the same characters every time. On one hand it'll be a limit because I won't be able to do just any idea I come up with, but on the other that might also make things easier. I guess we'll find out.

Sorry for my poor job updating recently. I'm going to try and get the first couple strips sketched out today so that I'll be able to start having comics done a few days ahead of time in order to give me more leeway in my schedule.

So be sure to tune in tomorrow for the first installment of this new attempt.

EDIT: I almost forgot to point out that I've added a list of the webcomics I read. I believe you'll find it underneath the archives list over on the right. When my comics don't do it for you (or aren't posted) feel free to entertain yourself with people who are actually skilled in this field.

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  1. Hey! You have a blog! That's wonderful news. I have one too, so I suppose I'll send it to you whether you're interested in its contents or not. :D