Friday, March 21, 2008

Compliments B&W

Whoah, a comic? What kind of madness is this?
I tried to take the time to add some detail work on this one. I'm really only posting this at the moment because I'm tickled pink that my inked version is better than the penciled one was. That usually doesn't happen for me. I plan on coloring this one which is why I didn't use more black. Once again I play on trying to do a halfway decent job so don't hold your breath. I probably won't give that an attempt for a little bit, instead I've got some strip styled ones I'd like to do.

In a notice of public service I've discovered a great excuse to get out of class: Diarrhea. It works on so many levels.
1)A perfect reason not to want to leave your house.
2)A great reason for someone else to not want you to leave your house.
3)Embarrassing enough that they won't question it any further.

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