Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Madness Continues

You know what? If I'm going to make weird comics this week I might as well go all the way, don't you think? Let the madness continue!
I have no idea why, but these comics really do make me giggle.


  1. I have a feeling you might check this area more often than your facebook. I faxed in my lease today, (Tuesday) so it should show up by Tuesday morning, Oregon time (16 hours behind Japan). I've asked a person in the office of campus living to message me whether or not they get it, so I've got my fingers crossed.

    This sequel comic seems so-so, by the way. Just being honest. The first one was absurd, and that was funny, and then when they actually followed up on the absurdity and went to the moon, that was even funnier. But this one doesn't have quite the same magic. And if you don't want detailed critiques, just tell me. :D

  2. Can people actually tell when I leave a comment after their comment? The one thing I hate about this site is that I can't reply to comments.

    I love detailed critiques, so no worries. In fact because you actually did one you should win some award for best reader or something.

    I agree that it doesn't have the same whimsical nature as the last two, probably because I couldn't think of how to really do the continuation I had planned to because I didn't have my nice Filling-In-Areas-With-Black pen with me. However, the image of those two in drag makes me smile every time, so I still like it.

  3. I get an email to both comments both here and on facebook though, so it's about the same. I'll fill that stuff out and turn it in tomorrow...hopefully. Wendesday at the latest.