Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm Not Making This Up

So I stayed up all last night comicing. By the morning I had finished drawing, inking, and even coloring two full pages of comicy goodness. However, I wasn't aware that the library closed at 5 today. Considering my shift at work ended at 5 as well I didn't have time to get anything scanned! But I swear I did a bunch of work and even though I can't post the images now I feel like posting anyways because I'm quite proud. I even used markers to color instead of computer. It's true the effects with a computer are better, but I don't like how the end result is only a digital thing instead of a cool physical picture.

There has to be something I can dish out to you poor readers as you whimper and push around the empty food bowl that is this blog! I'll search about my art folder and see if I can find something.
Holy stick sandwiches, I never posted this one? That is surprising. I'm a big fan of Spider-Man and I drew this when I was in Japan for the Creative Circle I was in. Turns out Spider-Man is one of the only American super heroes the Japanese actually know. So I drew a collection of some of my favorite characters.

I'm eventually going to run out of previously drawn art work to post on this thing and that will be a sad, sad day indeed. I'll try to get a bunch of stuff done over the rest of the Spring Break to bulk up my reservoirs. But I have a new Zelda game so don't hold your breath. ZELDA!

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