Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Now That's a Party

I got a new sketch book today! Which is good, because this comic marks the end of my last one. I'll admit this one is sub par, but I wanted to go to the store to get some food and in order to get there before the store closes I had to work at top speed on this one. So while the quality isn't great, considering the speed I did it in I'm actually quite pleased.
The nice thing about doing a comic for the web is there are no size restrictions so I'm free to putz about with panel size. But the comic is accurate, my idea of a good time tends not to match up with a lot of other people's. Also I have a natural aversion to "Yay! Party! Chug Chug Chug"-jocky types...also to anyone wearing a super long basketball type shirt. Another accuracy is that I will indeed fall a little bit in love with anyone who suggests watching stupid movies and likes to make jokes about them the whole time, although due to social awkwardness I will not kiss them on the mouth.

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  1. In that case we need to find a tv for next year. I've got a code free dvd player I can bring from home~ :D